We cater for a wide rage of investment needs, time horisons and risk profiles on various LISP and Life Platforms.

   These include :   

- Pre-Retirement, such as Retirement Annuities, Endowments, Unit Trust and LISP Investment plans.

- Post-Retirement, such as Annuities, Income Plans, LISP Investment plans

- Income Plans, for the Conservative Investor who needs a better return than Money Market

If you have funds to invest, need to retire or mature an investment, contact us for a personal appointment so that we can assess and advise on the most appropriate solutions for you.

A Financial needs and Risk analysis will assist in determining the best product to achieve your objectives,

We do not charge for this analysis.

A wide range of investment plans and structures based on your individual needs, time horizon and risk profile

Financial planning to set up adequate funds and savings, in order that you can maintain your lifestyle after Retirement

Financial planning to set up and manage your income after retirement, in such a way that your capital is preserved

Investments for the conservative investors who need a better return than Money Market, with a time horizon of more than 2-3 years.

Did you know that you are now able to start an investment that will be fully tax-free? These tax-free savings accounts were launched in March 2015.

For investors who prefer stability and protection, rather than increasing value. To preserve capital

To protect capital and achieve some real growth. A diversified portfolio in a broad range of investment sectors

Long term for reasonable but relatively stable growth. Some fluctuations, but less risk than full equities. Diversified in a broad range of sectors.

Long-term for real growth. A fair amount of risk leads to greater long-term returns.

Long-term for high capital growth. Short-term fluctuations and negative returns are acceptable for greater long-term returns.