Pre-Retirement: In planning for retirement, oneought to do a Financial Needs Analysis to ensure that you will have sufficient funds set aside, to maintain your lifestyle after retirement. Your values of existing Provident/ Pension Fund, Retirement Annuities and other savings will normally not be enough to do this. This could be due to one or more of the following reasons: - Starting too late - Smaller starting salaries - Changing employment and not preserving the Pr

We will prepare a Financial or Investment Needs Analysis to ensure that the client is given the appropriate advice, based on his or her current portfolio, objectives and needs, risk profile andtime horison. If a Financial Needs Analysis is required, we assess your current Life, Disability, Medical, Investmentand Retirementportfolio versus your objectives. We advise and implement a plan to address and correct the shortfalls.

Medical Aid is essential but there are such a wide range of companies,plan options and price ranges available that it canseem likea maze. It becomes even more confusing when one looks at the fine print regarding hospital cover, chronic medication, gap cover, gym memberships and other out-of-hospital benefits. Based on your needs, we will assist in finding and advising you on the best options for you and your family.

We cater for a wide rage of investment needs, time horisons and risk profiles on various LISP and Life Platforms. These include: - Pre-Retirement, such as Retirement Annuities, Endowments, Unit Trust and LISP Investment plans. - Post-Retirement, such as Annuities, Income Plans, LISP Investment plans - Income Plans,for the Conservative Investor who needs a better return than Money Market If you have funds to invest, need to retire or matur